A Day With “Atatürk”, Yeşil Efendi Konağı Museum

Contemporary museum design, technical details; It is the whole of the challenging stages in which the thematic concepts, historical, documented details and technological display methods are developed in the same process. Atatürk and A Day All the processes in Yeşil Efendi Mansion have been developed successfully; The museum was tried to make the museum experience unforgettable. Visitors will be able to follow the historical process from the 16th century, when Eskişehir started to be told by the travel writers, until the years of witnessing the War of Independence, with photographs and documents. At the same time, with the isi Augmented Reality ekt technology, Atatürk and Eskişehir will witness the history by taking photographs along with Sipahizâde Halil İbrahim Efendi, one of the important figures of the years of the War of Independence.

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Date: August 27 2018

Technique: Augmented Reality