We take our power from  art & technology.

Besides our core staff, since we are located at the center of Anadolu University, it is one of our strengths to be able to take advantage of the academic world of the university in every field. Our consultants take on important roles in our projects while artists exhibit their creativity through the art products they design and develop for museums. Thus, for each project, we create human resources specific to that project.



There are illustrations in every field of our lives.

Illustration can be described as visualization of an idea by means of plastic arts with commercial or public concerns. We can observe that illustration is used today in works that cannot be solved with photography, or that seek more aesthetic and original solutions. We can summarize its usage areas as follows:


  • Historical illustrations,
  • Advertising illustrations,
  • Medical illustrations,
  • Architectural illustrations,
  • Figurative illustrations.



The characters of brands have a significant place in the communication world of brands.

Our experience and areas of expertise give us the possibility to produce many elements used in the world of advertisement. Among these is designing characters of brands. A character designed in compliance with the aim can provide the brand with various advantages.


  • It establishes an emotional bond with the target mass,
  • It can present the brand’s messages,
  • It is beneficial in the communication with children,
  • It becomes the brand’s distinctive face.



Animations are the most important productions of this age that we may encounter any time.

We are present in different areas with the animations that we have produced using 3D and 2D techniques. With the improvement of technology in our age, it has now been possible to produce movies that are highly realistic. Some of its usage areas include;


  • Cartoons,
  • Advertisement films,
  • Architectural animations,
  • Medical animations.



A strong content development infrastructure is required for the implementation of VR technology
which stands for ‘virtual reality’. The spaces that are born as a result of the world of 3D meeting with software and that we explore under our control can inspire many sectors.


  • Museum presentations,
  • Construction projects,
  • Tourism sector.